Dedicated to Drum & Bass

Formed by Futurebound in Liverpool all the way back in 2004, Viper Recordings has driven the Drum & Bass scene ever since with release after release from artists including Matrix & Futurebound, J Majik & Wickaman, DC Breaks, InsideInfo, B Motion and many more. 13 Years later they’ve hit their 100th release and are aptly celebrating with the ‘VIPER 100‘ EP series. 4 EPs; 4 exclusive collaborations – all from their roster of artists. B Motion and Dossa & Locuzzed kick off the celebrations with VIPER 100 (Part 1) – Love Blind.

Phasey guitar pickups, descending arpeggio synth riffs and dreamy vocal samples instantly give you that Viper sound world before jumping into a syncopated overdriven bass on the drop. It’s a euphoric dance floor filler perfect to kick off the party for Viper.

Release Date: Beatport/Spotify Exclusive 27.01.17 | Worldwide 10.02.17
Record Label: Viper
Cat: VPR100A
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Gonna also take this opportunity to have a look back on just a few of  my favourite releases on Viper over the years…

Year: 2009
Release: Acts of Mad Men
Artist: Nero
Track: Do You Wanna
This was one of the early ones for me, but remember it so clearly. In fact, I even remember this exact interview with Zane. This couldn’t be more of a tune to jump to and go on a mad one on the dance floor, which is convenient as the lyrics encourage that. Actually getting a little emotional remembering what we used to have with Zane Lowe’s radio show so gonna stop here.


Year: 2012
Release: Polarize EP
Artist: Seven Lions
Track: Isis
Not a DnB track and will need context. It’s 2012 and before the fatal fall of Dubstep. This track has one of the most complex and creative collaborations of sound design and harmony. The harmonic build up before the second drop is stunning and the sound world created at the start is extraordinary. Hoping Seven Lions named it after the Egyptian God of Fertility and not the other since established organisation with the same name…


Year: 2014
Release: Pale Blue Dot
Artist: Prototypes
Track: Pale Blue Dot
Wheeeyyy a classic driving Prototypes with dramatic samples. Not much needs to be said for this one – what an anthem!