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Taelimb comes storming through the door with his debut EP out on Flexout Audio. Having been featured on Med School’s ‘New Blood’ series, Etherwood’s ‘Hospital Mixtape’ and a couple of Flexout’s compilations, he’s shown us trickles of a deep, rolling, percussive sound that has a tendency to explode into some pretty raw bass sounds.

‘Bloodclart Techno Jungle’ (definitely my all time favourite EP title) treats us to a true exploration of tight percussion, syncopated rhythms and musical sound design. The first track ‘Egg Box’ which features Fearful, begins with some haunting pads creating an eerie atmosphere. Building up the tension, percussion is added with pitch swaying pads before unleashing into a syncopated, subby, face melter. ‘Rebirth’, which got a premier on Noisia radio, is possibly the track that embodies the techno/jungle feel the most. The 808 style bass together with hats and the snares provide a solid backbone that gets welcomely interrupted by stabs, breaks and more to create possibly my favourite track off the EP. ‘Fixate’ combines Tron’esque arpeggiated synths with more of that addictive percussion, as well as bass line that morphs into something special. Taelimb ends by telling you to “keep the lights out” in the final track ‘Lights Out’ that’s like a horror movie on drum and bass steroids.

All in all, it’s an excellent EP and a fine start of the year for Flexout!

Release Date: Bandcamp Exclusive 21.01.17 | Worldwide: 27.01.17
Record Label: Flexout Audio
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