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It’s fair to say that 2016 was a year of lots of ups and downs, arguably one of the most pivotal moments was Donald Trump winning the presidential race for USA, it brought about an absolute torrent of mixed opinions, ideas and worries. Now that there’s a track sampling his infamous “wall” speech I can safely say that was the biggest event of 2016. Viper head honcho’s Matrix and Futurebound have went about this with a jagged, aggressive sonic toolset; big synths and tight drums accompanied by Donald’s pressing voice. Already selected as Friction’s “Friction Fire” for this week, you’ll want to check your corners once you hit that drop.

The track rolls in with a sharp drum line. The kicks, snares and shakers slowly build in velocity until we are greeted by the POTUS’s ridiculous suggestion to build a wall along the USA-Mexico border, the synth begins to swell as the kicks roll back in with tension building on the high end before the track bursts into an angsty dancefloor roller we can justify as “Scatterbrain’s older, angrier brother”. The bassline really gets us going, it’s definitely been a while since M&F envisioned a piece so huge. Go on.

Every sound in this verse pushes together to create a frantic and upbeat mood as Donald’s voice pushes us into the second drop. Reintroduced again by a gargantuan rolling bassline reminiscent of an angry machine as the drums take pause for a moment, once again mentally rushed to the dancefloor by this low end piece of work. The track rolls out with the synth making a sound I could compare to ‘deflating’, slowly lowering us back to the ground after a real aural beatdown.

All-in-all we think Matrix & Futurebound have done an incredible job of creating something aptly suited from the original vocal sample, pushing a real idea and mood around the voice whilst creating a dynamic and groovy roller that will be sure that we #MakeDNBGreatAgain.

This track is due to be released through Metro / Viper, you can purchase this track on the 20th which is also Trump’s inauguration day so let’s make the best of a bad situation, shall we?


Release Date: 20.01.17
Record Label: Metro/Viper
Cat: MTRVPR022
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