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Welcome The Crypt. This EP from L 33 is dark and techie, with a sinister cutting blade – here’s my breakdown:


The crypt

Even your dark corners aren’t safe with this one. Hijak MC, aptly named as the vocal, feels like computer code breaking down your defences, borrowing into you psychologically while the drill like riser and modulating bass clear the way for the drop where the destructively heavy weight kick snare push through. For the dark and dirty sets, this track will stand out and drive the crowd into a frenzy. The bass is driving and grinds its way through with crispy distortion and raw bottom end weight. In short: raw and rowdy.



The emotion of pull and release with Destabilise gives the sense of imminent danger as it builds. With each drop the musical stabs, high pressure drums and driving bass pulls you in and tells you to pay close attention. A deep techie track but the drive and pressure will keep the dance floor buzzing for more.


Most wanted

I love this track, the intro hooks me in with half step drums setting a groove for the build. This teases with fleshy bass stabs, hinting towards the main section. It’s not as driving as the previous two tracks, but with intricate percussion hits and stab modulation bass tones it will be making for a crowd full of head nodding, bass screw-faced rowdy clubbers on the rampage.


Jinx (L33 remix)

Digging deeper in to the dark side is Jinx. As the name implies it’s an evil sinister dirty beast of a track. L 33‘s drums provides an intensity that suits the bass layers of raw bottom and distorted top end space. If you love the your DnB sinister, this is a remix for you. But watch out this is a beast on the loose.


To round it up – The Crypt EP is dark, techie and sinister, hard hitting drums and fast growling bass lines. If you techie DnB set is limp and floppy, this will raise your crowd from the dead.

Release Date: Beatport Exclusive 06.01.17 | Worldwide 20.01.17
Record Label: Cause4Concern
Cat: C4CDIGUK037
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