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It’s been a good year for Drum and Bass, plenty of artists have pushed to start their own labels, we’ve seen and heard an incredible amount of new talent burst through. Amsterdam-based DJ / Producer two piece Polygon have had immediate success with an upload on Liquicity, one of the community’s largest groups for Liquid Drum and Bass, and are definitely starting to make some waves with their first track; a remix of Itro’s Light and Blue.

The track opens with a refreshing melody line, the beat builds energy around the synth. It’s very reminiscent to me of the sound of early 2014 liquid, a similar vibe to Stan SB [Fox Stevenson] and Feint. These guys have done a fantastic job of creating a lush soundscape that doesn’t subtract from the energy at the front of the mix. This is a definite pick for those sunny road trips or a chilled evening. Listening back to the original, Polygon have made great use of its distinctive features whilst adding their own fresh twist to the track. It’s clear to see that even though it’s early days for Polygon they’re intending to leave a mark on this scene.

Elliot and Julian met around a year ago at a small event called Launchpad, united by a shared passion for electronic music they began to mentor each other. Elliot would learn production from Julian and in turn Elliott taught him all he could about mixing. They ended up playing a night under their solo names Volture [Elliot] and DaPlaque [Julian] which was organised by the same promoter as Launchpad, this time setting the stage for acts such as T & Sugah, L Plus and RAM power-duo Mind Vortex. It’s clear to see that these guys have a bright future ahead of them, keeping the pace high with a teaser for a second remix already on Soundcloud and a bi-weekly Podcast scheduled to begin Monday covering the full spectrum of bass music from episode to episode.

Oh, and if you enjoyed this track I would recommend catching their opening podcast.

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