Dedicated to Drum & Bass

After last months incredible ‘Final Approach’ LP by Mark System, Exit Records have treated us to yet another impeccable EP, this time through the formidable Fixate.

Back in August 2014 Fixate burst onto the scene with his first release ‘Pum Pum/System Malfunction‘ through Different Music, giving an insight to his own take on the slow/fast scene. He then proceeded to join the Exit crew, teaming up with Chimpo for the last two tracks on the ‘Out An Bad‘ EP.

The title track, ‘Throwback Thursday’, has already gained support from the likes of Alix Perez and was chosen as Frictions Fire on Friction’s Radio 1 show a few weeks back. That is not to say the rest of the EP isn’t as good, far from it. Percussive Aggressive treats the listener to an immense soundscape, all whilst the uniquely crafted beat will turn anyone into a dashboard bobble head. Take a listen to the whole EP below:

The EP is available now through Exit Records band camp page and will have its full release on Monday 27th. If you also happen to be in Bristol on Saturday 16th May, Fixate and some others in the Exit Records crew will be in room two in Motion (with Swamp 81 in room one). I’d definitely recommend getting yourself there if you can.