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Randall, a DJ considered by many including Andy C to be one of their greatest inspirations, was on the guest mix for Friction‘s show on Radio 1 this week, and they got chatting about his early days of DJing and illegal raves.

“Back then I saw that a lot of guys was cutting up, but I knew I wasn’t really that much of a cutt-er or a scratch-er, so I really tried to blend music basically and beat match at the time. So when I got into acid house, I just kept that same format, and I realised that this music that I was playing, a lot of people were on the same format of the arrangement of the tunes. So I knew where I could bring it in, and take it out, so I could make two tunes sound as one… I sussed the format basically, how to mix this type of music that was being created at the time. So I just kept to that format, because a tune is like a story – it has a beginning, a middle and a end, and most artists at the time will be on that same format. So it was like 16 bars, breakdown, intro, beats. I just kept to that format and remembered how the tunes were, and I’d bring it in in certain places. That’s why you’d get the connection – and people used to call it double drop. It was just like that, so it wasn’t intentional. I was just in my bedroom and it sounded great!”

Friction goes on to talk about how himself and many others took inspiration in Randall’s style of mixing at the time, temporary vinyl & dub-plates, and the first time he heard Randall play at The Lazerdrome, Peckham. But it’s refreshing to hear that even one of the all-time greats started off like everyone else – just like Arcast host Benny L!

There are so many guys out there that are just super talented man, they just blow me away with their skills. This kid like Benny L that is just coming up, you know what I mean, he’s just like so vibrant and just so loves his music, and I just remember, I used to be like that.

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Source: BBC Radio 1 – Friction, Randall and June Miller