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Benny L on Ulterior Motive’s new Remix
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Technimatic – Flashbulb

On the 10/07/15 Technimatic released their first EP since the incredible album that was ‘Desire Paths‘ on Shogun Audio. Having already released Spectrasoul’s second album ‘The Mistress‘ and Icicle’s ‘Entropy Remixed‘ last month, Shogun’s summer so far has been on point. Can Technimatic live up to the high standard? Yes, they certainly can! Starting off the EP with ‘Secret Smile’ featuring the sublime Lucy Kitchen on vocals, the listener is immersed in an ever evolving bass line that has some sweet filter control. Though somewhat minimal, the layering of the synths is tastefully done. To top it off,  Lucy Kitchen, who sung on my favourite track off Desire Paths, ‘Looking for Diversion’, sings as amazingly as she did on Desire Paths. Picking it up a bit, Dirty Hands gets the listening hooked on the piano, pads and sweeping noise. It then blasts through with the tight rolling drums that Technimatic have mastered over their lengthy careers of producing, both as solo artists and as the duo. The track then builds up and releases into a deep, heart pumping bass line, combined with delayed stabs and smoothing “Oohs”, I feel like this track wouldn’t be amiss amongst some of Break’s Symmetry releases. Flashbulb, the title track and for me the best of the four, beings with some crisp hats and really luscious pads. An addictive sliced and diced vocal sample builds up to a real half time treat. The track just works, pure and simple. But don’t stop yet, ‘Remember You’ rounds off the EP with grace and style. A more spacious break keeps your head bopping along whilst a sweet vocal...

Destroy the Rave EP

A week late on posting this but… Lifted Music released a collaborative EP last Sunday including Aeph & Maztek, L 33, Memtrix, Uman and Zombie Cats. If you can get over the colour on that artwork… great 5 track EP from the record label, with the Tech DnB standard you can expect from Lifted. Uman’s track gets a bit EDM on us with that Lazer, but I don’t think he’s pushed it to far! If you only have time to listen to two, I would choose Hypnotize by Aeph & Maztek, and Desolate (feat. Sarah Pellicano) by Zombie...

Etherwood – Souvenirs feat. Zara Kershaw (Ulterior Motive Remix)

  Ulterior Motive never disappoint when put on remix duties and this is no different! from tight great sounding drum breaks to the gritty bassline , i love how all the elements work so well! also that feedbackey kind of bass sound I’ve been loving at the moment ! Great reat work from these two , been killing it since they’re album last year that was out on Metalheadz. be sure to check it out n support here !!...



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